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Guide: Financial Framework

2017/18 Funding

Our officers develop proposed programmes of work for the year ahead, in accordance with policies and in support of our business aims. The proposals are taken to the elected representatives at Cabinet for their consideration and subsequent approval. The following tables summarise the approved allocation of funding for 2017/18 for our service.


The capital programme as per the budget book for 2017/18 was £48,787,000

Expenditure type £
Local Transport Plan (LTP) maintenance 44,325,000
Depot programme 225,000
Challenge fund street lighting improvements 3,962,000
Mamhead Slipway, Exmouth 275,000
Total Highways Capital 48,787,000


The total revenue allocation for 2017/18 is £33,502,000

Expenditure type £
Maintenance of roads and bridges 22,693,000
Street lighting 3,858,000
Public Rights of Way 627,000
Other 26,000
Highways management staff and associated costs 6,298,000
Total Highways revenue 33,502,000

On street parking account 2017/18

Other expenditure 2017/18 Budget allocation £’000
TCS: Bus rail, and community transport support 2,411
CPE Road signs and road markings 225
Traffic management plans 100
Disabled parking bays 20
Cyclic maintenance for the purposes of environmental improvement 1,200
Route reviews and improvements to road signs/lines 100
HATOC waiting restriction project 100
Speed management 60
Traffic and parking IT systems 20
Safety camera partnership 10
Real time passenger information 78
Variable message signs 10
CPE P and D machine maintenance 40
Road safety improvements – Reactive 50
Park and Ride business rates 100
Park and Ride minor site maintenance 10
Country parks 219
Total other expenditure 4,753


This table shows the variation to the capital highway structural maintenance programme at month 6 since its approval by cabinet at the beginning of the year.