Guide: Business Plan 2015-2021

Our purpose: To maintain the highway network

We aim to maintain the highway network so it is as safe to use as possible with the funding available.

road in countryside with green trees hedges either side photo by Julian Roskilly
Photo credit Julian Roskilly

To do this we undertake:

Asset Management: We take a long-term approach to the maintenance of all highway assets, as set out in our asset management plan, and we work together to identify what needs to be done and the best way to do it with the limited funds available to us.We collect and analyse data so we can see how well our maintenance policies and maintenance processes are working and use that information to design our future policies and processes.

We also encourage trained volunteers from communities across Devon to get involved to do minor maintenance works in their area through the long-established Parish Paths Partnership (P3) and our more recent road warden initiative and self-help schemes.

We work with the Community Payback service to enable offenders to give back to the community by spending community service hours maintaining public areas, such as clearing overgrown vegetation from paths, cleaning graffiti and painting fences and railings.