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Guide: Business Plan 2015-2021

Guiding principles: Innovative delivery of services

Delivery icon To meet our service and budgetary challenges we aim to find alternative ways to get things done.   

Where we are unable, due to funding constraints, to do work that is important to a local community, we will try to work with that community to look for ways for them to undertake the work themselves or support them to find alternative sources of funding.

Work with others:

We are actively seeking opportunities to work with other authorities and service providers to design and deliver shared solutions to shared challenges

Research and development:

We are working to identify the best ways to deliver our services identifying, understanding and using emerging technology solutions in software, hardware, traffic and highway maintenance equipment, materials and maintenance treatment, where appropriate.

Responsive and adaptive:

We are encouraging our team to meet the challenges we will face in the next six years by:

  • thinking differently
  • challenging existing working methods
  • building innovative solutions

Self-supporting and sustainable:

We are exploring opportunities to sell the services we offer, and our industry expertise, to third parties to generate income to offset the ongoing financial reductions

Design to manage demand:

We aim to design our services to enable individuals and communities to find information and access services through digital media where appropriate.