Factsheet: Residents' parking permits

Moving house

Permits are not transferable and can not be taken with you to a new address even if staying in the same zone. Permits are specific to that property’s address and to a vehicle registered at that address with the DVLA.

If you move house you must notify us either by email of your moving date with an attached photo of your permit cut into 4 pieces: parkingservices@devon.gov.uk or return your permit to Parking Services – Permits, Devon County Council, PO BOX 811, Exeter, EX1 9WA.

You can’t have more than one active permit at any time.

New resident but no permits being offered?

If you have just moved into a property or are about to and find that you are not being offered residents permits, the likely reasons are:

Any permit previously issued will be cancelled when evidence of the new tenancy (or property purchase) is provided.

Applicants are requested to provide legible scanned or photographed copies of documents confirming purchase via email to parkingservices@devon.gov.uk.

Upon receipt this will be checked by the Parking and Enforcement Team, the permit held by the previous tenant cancelled and an email confirming the situation sent to the customer. The customer can then reapply for the permit (please allow 24 hours from receipt of the email).

If you’re thinking of moving into a house in a residents’ scheme area don’t assume that you will be able to have a parking permit, especially if the property is a flat, bed sit or studio in an older property that has been divided up or a new build.

Planning conditions may apply that exclude the property. Speak to the existing resident or email parkingservices@devon.gov.uk to check, before you commit to a purchase or tenancy agreement.