Factsheet: Residents' parking permits

Applications and renewals


Apply online at www.devonpermits.org or by phoning 0345 155 1073.

We may request proof of residency, such as a utility bill in the permit holder’s name and we may ask to see the vehicle’s v5 document to confirm that it is registered to the permit holder.

Permits will be sent in the post. Please allow three working days for delivery and do not park in a residents’ space until the permit is displayed.

Resident permits must be issued in the name of the person, who according to the DVLA is the registered keeper of the vehicle. It is an offence not to inform the DVLA of any keeper or address detail changes.


A resident’s permit costs £30 a year.

Visitor permits cost £30 for a book of 30. Properties are usually allowed two of each per year, but some areas have other limitations as well. We will let you know about these when you apply.

Once you have purchased a permit it is non-refundable.


Renew online at www.devonpermits.org or phone 0345 155 1073.

Make sure you apply before your existing permit expires and leave enough time for the new permit to be sent out to you. If you park without a permit, even if you are waiting for it to be delivered, you can still receive a parking ticket.