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Factsheet: Resident Permits - information and FAQs


Residents’ parking zones are often used in areas where there is more demand than spaces making it difficult for residents to access parking where they live.

They don’t guarantee residents a parking space but help manage and prioritise parking spaces for those who are full-time residents of those areas.

These restrictions apply on all bank holidays except Christmas Day unless stated otherwise.

Do not assume that because a road sign nearby show ‘resident only permit holders’ that every postal address is eligible for a permit, and that every car-owning person living at a postal address will be able to have a permit.

We strongly recommend prior to buying or starting a tenancy of an address in a residential zone without enough off-road parking for your needs you ensure you or your legal representatives check to ensure the prospective home is eligible to buy resident parking permits.

We can only issue permits to an eligible address as defined in our legal Traffic Order. An eligible address checklist can be found here.

From January 2023 most of our permits for use in residential zones will be issued digitally, and charges will be linked to car tax bands as set by HMRC.

New developments or conversions are often subject to conditions imposed by the local council’s planning office in the planning consent which restrict or exclude that property from access to on street permits. Any such information will be contained in the planning documentation held by the local planning authority.

If eligible, most houses and flats in a zone will be eligible for two resident permits and two allocations(books) of visitors permits per year. Any property divided into flats, an HMO, change of use or any ‘new build’ developments completed after the start date of that resident permit scheme, will most likely not be eligible for parking permits.

It is not possible to add in a new address without undertaking a public consultation to change the traffic order which is a lengthy and expensive process and would require support from the local county councillor to even be considered.

Privately let student houses and HMOs are treated as a single dwelling as far as permit allocations go, so only get the same 2 permit allocation. These are issued on a first come first served basis.

Each visitor permit book contains 30 one day use permits. Digital visitor hours are also available as part of the visitor permit allocation allowed. You cannot buy more than two lots of visitor permits in any one year for your address but you can choose to buy all paper books, or all digital hours or one of each type.

The number of digital visitor hours differs varies. Those zones that apply at any time every day require more hours than those zones that apply part of the time on certain days. Not all zones have a visitor permit option.

Check to see if your area has a parking scheme and read our terms and conditions to ensure you can have a permit. If your area has a scheme and your vehicle is or will be registered at your address you should:

Apply to purchase a permit as soon as possible online at MiPermit Devon.

If you don’t have internet access at home, our libraries offer free internet facilities. Perhaps a family member or trusted friend can assist you by applying on your behalf.

The team at MiPermit Devon will also be happy to assist with applications made by phone. In situations of any doubt, we advise you to contact us on 0345 155 1004 or contact us at for further advice before buying a permit.