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Traffic information

A30 Crawley – Highway stabilisation works

What has happened

A slip occurred at this location because the supporting bank became unstable. The slip material has subsequently gathered against the farmers cattle shed below.Image show unstable bank along the A30

What we are doing

DCC have been working over the last 12 months to undertake ground investigations and topographical surveys, and to move the unstable BT pole.

We had worked up a design to install sheet piles and rebuild the bank to provide the required support to allow the road to be reopened, however this proposal has now been deemed unsuitable due to the size of the rig required to install them. It would likely require an 80 Tonne crane to lift in the sheet piles and install them to the required depth, and we are working to find a solution which doesn’t need a full road closure to complete the works.

We are now looking at a soil nail and retaining wall option, but this will require some temporary access works on the farmers land below and also the partial removal of his cattle shed due to lack of working space. This is currently being discussed with the landowner to work out a solution that is viable for all parties involved.

Unfortunately, easements and land negotiations take considerable time to complete due to their complexity and need for legal input.

Traffic management

This is currently being managed by 2 way temporary traffic lights.

DCC are continuing to work to get the bank stable and the road reopened as quick as possible, whilst avoiding the need for a full road closure.