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Exeter Langaton Lane experiment

Devon County Council is currently advertising an Experimental Traffic Regulation Order (ETRO) on Langaton Lane. We would like to bring to your attention the live consultation and request that you distribute these details amongst your networks so that all opinions can be received.

What is being proposed?

An Experimental Traffic Regulation Order is an established method of implementing a trial scheme, whereby the exact details of the traffic regulation order cannot be fully confirmed prior to commencement, therefore an on the ground trial of the scheme is implemented alongside the consultation.

An ETRO can run for a maximum of 18 months but has a defined review point of six months from the date of commencement, whereby the restrictions can be amended/altered in line with responses received.

The ETRO will prohibit motor vehicles from travelling along Langaton Lane, Exeter from a point 154 metres east of its junction with Pinn Valley Road for a distance of 10 metres.

Why is this being proposed?

Langaton Lane is a relatively narrow lane, limiting two way traffic in places with no footways east of the motorway bridge. The 1st Pinhoe Scout Group, Pinhoe Target Shooting club, a meeting place for the Plymouth Brethren, WPD station, two residential properties and a storage facility for fairground equipment are situated on the lane. The lane is surrounded by planned residential and employment development in the East of Exeter Growth Point.

In its current form, Langaton Lane is unsuitable for a significant amount of additional traffic. The lack of facilities for people walking or cycling, or people with mobility assisted vehicles is also a concern, and a future situation with higher pedestrian and vehicular traffic levels without improved pedestrian facilities is likely to lead to a worsening of road safety.

Creating a green lane on Langaton Lane (allowing walking and cycling but no through traffic) is identified in the Exeter Transport Strategy, following a recommendation to include green lanes as agreed at the Scrutiny Committee meeting which was held in June 2020. This would provide an attractive active travel link for Pinhoe residents to access employment at the Science Park, Cranbrook and also the future planned Clyst Valley Trail.

During recent months (June 2021 – March 2022) Langaton Lane has been closed under a TTRO for works to services. The temporary closure has been well received locally and requests have been made by members of the public to move to a permanent closure of the lane. In order to identify the support for this scheme, and to test out the access, an ETRO would allow these to be trialled before introducing a permanent change.

When is this being proposed?

The scheme was advertised from Thursday 10 March 2022 and consultation responses were accepted from that date.

The ETRO came into force from 17 March 2022.

What will it look like?

The closure point will be situated south of the railway bridge, north Pinn Brook/the scout HQ.

Appropriate highway signs will be introduced on either side of the lane. Concrete blocks with reflective strips will be placed onto the road at its closure point, allowing pedestrian, cyclists, equestrians and people with wheelchairs to pass through, but restrict motor traffic.

In addition to the closure, the existing streetlighting will be maintained/upgraded, ensuring good visibility at night.

How do I respond?

The consultation for this experimental proposal ran from 10 March until 17 September 2022.

What is the decision?

The East Devon Highways and Traffic Orders Committee on the 9 December 2022 considered the comments submitted on 9 December 2022 and resolved:

(a) that the Experimental Traffic Regulation Order, to prohibit vehicles along Langaton Lane, as shown in Appendix 1, be made permanent;

(b) that the proposed improvements shown on the overview plan included in Appendix 1 be approved for construction at an estimated cost of £70,000;

(c) that approval be given to advertise a traffic regulation order to introduce No Waiting At Any Time as detailed in Appendix 1 of this Report and the 20 mph zone be extended to the closure point; and to make and seal the order if no objections are received;

(d) that the Director of Climate Change, Environment and Transport be given delegated powers, in consultation with the Chair of HATOC and the local members, to make minor amendments to the scheme details; and

(e) that Officers as part of the longer-term strategic planning process consider a North/South link in this area.

What happens next?

The traffic regulation order for a permanent prohibition in Langaton Lane has been made and sealed and works to make the closure permanent are taking place in September 2023.


The plan for the area considered, as well as the accompanying consultation documents are: