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Maintaining roads

Pothole fund 2014/15

The Pothole Fund provides additional funding to highway authorities in England to help repair damage to the local road network following damage to roads over the winter of 2013/14. We were successful in our bid to the fund and received an extra £9.1m in 2014/15.

We established the priorities for road repairs from evidence gained over the winter on the frequency of potholes and taking account of local knowledge and local priorities. Work on the major road network and key links into communities was made a high priority. This matches the winter salting network, which is designed to keep communities and businesses on the move when winter weather affects the network. The additional funding is insufficient to repair some of the minor road network, where we will continue to respond to defects and make roads safe.

The additional funding allocation will be used for a range of activities depending on the repair needs at a particular location. This could include drainage improvements, surface crack sealing, and patching and resurfacing carriageways. Our final report shows the activities completed, including location and length of scheme.