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Here are a range of existing and upcoming opportunities for you to get involved, help shape the future and learn new skills.

Cafe Conversation

Your opportunity to shape the future of Devon and the County Council at one of four Café Conversation events These are an important opportunity for us all to explore and discuss the way that Devon and the County Council is changing.

The events are not formal talks or presentations, just a relaxed space in which you and your ideas will be welcomed. You are able to drop in at any time during the sessions, so they shouldn’t impact too much on your day.

Come along to listen together, contribute your thinking, speak your mind and heart. You will also be able to join new networks, discuss how to make the most of social media and find other fresh opportunities. Look in insider and on the source for dates and locations
> Contact Dave Slocombe for further information


The way we use performance information is changing – A piece of work is currently under way to review our performance information and data through the following lenses.
> Contact Louise Taylor for information or how you can get involved

Change Academy

The Change Academy is a programme designed to develop new skills and capability, and support continuous learning for innovators and change makers in local public services.

An easy way to engage with the change academy is to sign up for the Innovation 500

Systems Thinking

  • Highways
  • Libraries
  • HR

Contact Sara Cretney for further information

Create / Innovate

Create and Innovate is about thinking differently facilitated through experimentation, discovery, play, learning and reflection. It is held every June and promotes opportunities to get involved in activities and learning around innovation and creativity.

Plans are currently underway for this years and you are welcome to get involved
> Contact Carl Haggerty for further information

Open Data

After recently being announced as one of the initial Open Data Champions – We have been recognised for the forward thinking work and progress we have made around Open Data.

You can get involved through the Devon Data Loom blog or attend the regular meetup or even contact ODI Devon and offer your help

Jam Room Sessions and Armchair code Network

Informal learning and networking is being encouraged through events and sessions like the Arm Chair Code Network and the Lunch and Learn sessions in the Jam Room. More information can be found on the trello board.

UnMentoring aka randomised Coffee Trials

This is an opportunity to connect and learn from practitioners from across the UK who are passionate about local services. By signing up you are committing to having a conversation (in person, via phone, skype/facetime etc) for a minimum of 30 minutes each month – a different person will be randomly matched too you each month, it will be down to you whether or not you agree to maintain any connections – Sign up to UnMentoring

According to NESTA the benefits include the following:

  • Provides legitimacy to chat to people about things that aren’t directly work related. Although every time there have been direct beneficial impacts on various projects and programmes.
  • Totally random conversations, as well as some very useful work related conversations. Breaks silos… in a really effective way.
  • Offers the chance to make time to talk to people they should be talking to anyway, and to meet people who they won’t be directly working with but it’s nice to know who they are!
  • It’s a really good way of revealing links within and outside of the organisation and encouraging us to collaborate.
  • They like the prompt to talk to someone new (or someone they already know), and the permission to take 30-60 minutes to just to see what’s going on, without any particular agenda or goal.


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