Design in the Public Sector

What is the Programme?

We submitted an application to the Design in the Public Sector programme  – which has been developed by Design Council and supported by the Local Government Association.

A short extract from the programme definition:

There is a rapidly growing interest in design thinking in central and local government and the contribution it can make towards addressing the challenges you face.

Key design principles, methods and tools such as understanding users’ needs, prototyping, visual techniques and working collaboratively can all be applied to service, system and digital challenges in the public sector to great effect.

If your organisation is based in the south-west of England and you have a current or future service delivery challenge which could benefit from a different approach, this could be your opportunity to gain support through a proven, innovative accelerator programme.

Our Challenge

Our challenge is to find new engaging and innovate low or no cost solutions for our employees to become highly immersed in the aims of the organisation, self-directed in their learning and willing to change their thinking and behaviours.

We know the future of public services will require a cadre of experienced and knowledgeable leaders, staff and members, equipped with the skills and learning needed to transform services. The organisation will need to be more agile and responsive, with access to the methods and tools to effect serious and radical change.

For an organisation experiencing rapid change we need a high level of engagement and personal transformation by our employees, to produce the most effective outcomes and services for the people of Devon. If we massively increase participation in the organisation’s goals through engagement and learning we believe this will help our employees create innovative solutions and be inspired to do better things.
Solutions need to be suitable for our rural context, diverse population of employees (age/skills/areas of expertise), and that they are geographically spread across our vast county.

We will be sharing our learning and reflections as we go through the programme as well as the outputs of the programme itself. Watch this space