• Passionate about digital services – join the team!

    • Deadline extended to 31st August.
    • Interviews scheduled for 9th September.

    If you are passionate about the role that ‘digital’ can have in delivering new, innovative – USEFUL – services to members of the public in Devon…

    If you are a competent, technical, front-end web developer…

    If listening and responding to users first, and designing to meet their needs is something that motivates you…

    And if you really want to help make a difference in how public services and information are delivered in Devon…

    … then we would really like you to join our team! We have a permanent position with appropriate salary to offer to the right candidate.… Read the rest

  • Firm Foundations

    It only seems like yesterday that we decided upon using Twitter Bootstrap as our main responsive grid framework to offer the users both desktop and mobile layouts for all of our public facing websites. The reality is that 2 years have now passed and like all things web development related, things have progressed at an alarming rate.

    When we first adopted Bootstrap, mobile versions of sites were still more of a nicety than a necessity but the reality now is that mobile versions of our sites are far more important than desktop versions. Users not only expect to see nicely formatted content but ultra-fast page loading times.… Read the rest

  • The launch of the Jam Room Sessions (Lunch and learn)

    From today we are introducing some informal lunch time learning sessions for staff to help people think differently and do differently.

    The Lunch and Learn sessions in the Jam Room will adopt a virtual un-conference approach, which enables you to create the agenda by pitching a topic of your choice, which will then be open for others to vote on, with the most popular becoming a session and programmed in.

    They can be presenter led, where an individual has a talk they would like to give on a certain topic to present some ideas or share a new model of technique.… Read the rest