• Creating my first WordPress API

    I recently started a website project to encourage the communities of Devon to be more involved in the services that we deliver in their community. We have four schemes that in principle help communities to help themselves. These schemes include Snow Wardens, Road Warden, Community self help and Parish Path Partnership (P3). We want to get more residents of Devon involved in these schemes.

    One way of doing this is a postcode search of their area and a query returning which schemes are running in the area and how to get involved.

    I started this by bring a number of sources of data together.… Read the rest

  • WordPress REST API – developing a precautionary

    Back over a year ago now the WordPress team at Devon County Council started exploring a RESTful API. In WordPress 4.4 they introduced an embed extension to embed content into other website. This was the start of the API.

    WordPress 4.7 has just landed and now it has a full RESTful API built right into the core. It is now possible to display all your content by using the new endpoint routes, posts, pages, etc. This is really great, we can now do cross website querying for content using the API. This is just the tip of the iceberg of things that the API can be used for.… Read the rest

  • Open Data Champions

    In case you missed it, Devon County Council has just been recognised by Francis Maude as an Open Data Champion at an event in Whitehall on Tuesday 24th March. This is an amazing achievement; of all the local authorities of all sizes and types in the UK, just sixteen councils were recognised in this way. I was there for a practitioners round table discussion, while councillor Barry Parsons represented us at the council leaders presentation. It’s hard to begin to describe just how proud we are to have been marked out in this way. So where do we start?

    First; it’s not just me who’s made this happen.… Read the rest

  • From this to that – Iterating with data dashboards

    One of the things about catching up with colleagues is that you get to find out all the interesting stuff they do and are proud of.

    Earlier today I caught up with Lucy Knight about the work she has been doing on data dashboards and we were looking at ways in which we can support her iterative development and take her prototypes into the mainstream of the councils internet infrastructure.

    Lucy is a leader around Open Data and wrote a very insightful piece for LocalGovDigital about De-geekifying open data, which is well worth a read if you haven’t already.

    The conversation we had focused on the latest iteration of her work as part of the Cloche Project, basically an intrapreneur team working on better data presentation; making data make sense.… Read the rest

  • #HumanData Discovery Project – The Data Loop

    Back in June as part of XJam Gov we worked with Service Design agency Redfront to test out a Data Canvas – It was a new experience for those who were involved in the testing but it really helped humanise data and got us thinking about the interactions around data more…

    The good news is that as part of the evolution of the data canvas Redfront have been busy developing the next iteration.

    #humandata is a Discovery Project which looks at how we can take data beyond the realm of developers and hackers and put it into the hands of everyone.… Read the rest