• Design Thinking in the Public Sector – additional reflections

    It’s been a couple of weeks now since the first Design Thinking in the Public Sector days have taken place. These are the main things that stick in my mind except for the very strange sandwiches that we had!

    We had a great time looking at behaviours and going to a betting shop for the first time, this really highlighted a different way of looking at the challenge and being people centred; talking to expert guests on the first evening was really interesting and we now know how useful ‘spoons can be for people research; having the Design Council’s Framework, Process and Method explained brought the whole thing together.… Read the rest

  • Reflections from Design in the Public Sector

    Well we attended the first two days of the Design in the Public Services programme in Bristol on the 16th and 17th July and these are our reflections.

    Reflections from Jo

    Well, what a rush! A fantastic start to the Design Thinking programme for us all. The two days were full-on, generating hundreds of new thoughts about the challenge we are facing.

    It turns out the biggest challenge is to not assume we are tackling the right issue to begin with. Design thinking starts with your initial problem, then expands your thinking to check out your hypothesis through exploration and research, using the Design Council’s Double Diamond approach (see below).… Read the rest

  • Design in the Public Sector programme

    What is the Programme?

    We submitted an application to the Design in the Public Sector programme  – which has been developed by Design Council and supported by the Local Government Association.

    A short extract from the programme definition:

    There is a rapidly growing interest in design thinking in central and local government and the contribution it can make towards addressing the challenges you face.

    Key design principles, methods and tools such as understanding users’ needs, prototyping, visual techniques and working collaboratively can all be applied to service, system and digital challenges in the public sector to great effect.

    If your organisation is based in the south-west of England and you have a current or future service delivery challenge which could benefit from a different approach, this could be your opportunity to gain support through a proven, innovative accelerator programme.… Read the rest