• Making collaboration and sharing more visible

    Like 88 other organisations with about 80 of those local authorities we’ve joined LocalGov Digital’s Pipeline network to share the work we’re doing and look for opportunities to join up with other councils and public sector bodies to collaborate on digital work.

    We’ve already added some of our work around the redesign of our homepage which we’re developing as part of our website rebuild and migration into WordPress and we will add more projects as we go forward. A few in the team have also joined and are following and commenting on other peoples projects, its becoming a great resource and networking tool already.… Read the rest

  • Introducing the Open ExCHANGE Collective

    This is a collaborative guest post co-ordinated by Clare Salmon – Change Manager at Cornwall Council.
    Contributors include: Sara Cretney – Organisational Change Manager @ Devon County Council, Ben Rom – Organisational Change manager @ Cornwall Council, Anne Barnett – HR Performance Manager @ Devon County Council, Jason Williams – Customer Standards and Digital Mgr @Cornwall Council and Carl Haggerty – Digital Comms Mgr @ Devon County Council.

    Open Exchange Collective (OEC)

    The Open Exchange Collective is a group of like-minded individuals connected by a passion for collaboration across the public sector. It evolved from discussions about public sector collaboration, and the gap that exists in terms of reaching out beyond organisational boundaries.… Read the rest