Service design process infographic:

This is the third in a trilogy of posts about the new home page, The first was Firm Foundations by Matt and the second Building the homepage by Tim.

I’m a designer in the Digital Team and it was my job to re-imagine the new homepage. It felt like my biggest challenge to date. For my post I wanted to show the design stages from start to finish, so it made sense for me to do it visually, in a Service design process infographic.

Service design process infographic

4 thoughts on “Service design process infographic:

    1. tom.dixon

      Daryl – pop down to G03, happy to talk it through with you 😉 We started first thinking late last year, and after several iterations we went live with v1 at the end of May.

    1. Tom Dixon

      Hi Kane – we are – still a small amount of content sitting on a legacy platform, but slowly migrating everything to WordPress.


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