Kicking off a social media audit at DCC

With the departure of our social media champion Russell Taylor a (little!) while ago, things have been on the back burner at DCC with respect to developing our social media.

We have always adopted a fairly relaxed attitude and encouraged the responsible use of social media by staff (guidelines can be found on the staff Yammer site). However, we lack a coherent plan around social media, which means we are not making best use of the different channels, not engaging well, and when we do engage we are not necessarily doing it in a very efficient manner.

Hannah Wicks has taken on the task to start the ball rolling with a social media audit, and her email – to staff that we have contact details for – is reproduced below. At the bottom of the email is our current list of known DCC social media accounts, which we know is far from complete. This follows my post last week outlining a similar conversation under way with other #localgov in Devon, to bring together best practice and see if we can develop something together. If you are involved in social media at DCC or #localgov, do get in touch ( We’re planning to document our experience on this blog, under the Social Media category, if you want to check back on progress.

Hi everyone,
I’m contacting you as I believe you manage your service’s social media account(s).

We need to develop a more coherent approach to our social media channels at DCC to provide better and consistent customer service, and there are a couple of things we need to get started on soon to make that happen.

Firstly, managing a variety of corporate accounts and assigning tasks across services and teams is complicated without a formal tool to enable this. We feel there is a lot of merit and value in investing in a social media platform for the whole organisation to enable us to bring our different channels together, to allow us to deal with different enquiries that need a response more efficiently, to track responses and other metrics, and to enable more efficient cross-posting and publication, especially in emergency situations.

Our plan to buy in to a corporate social media management tool to ensure consistency and quality across all social media channels is in the early stages, and we would welcome your input.

At the moment we (the corporate comms team) use a fairly primitive – but effective! – set up of a free, shared, Hootsuite account, and a linkup via IFTTT and Trello to record tweets that need a response. There are a variety of platforms out there – e.g. Hootsuite, Social Sign in, Sprout, Radian (part of Salesforce), Falcon Social and others.

How do you manage your social media account(s)? Do you currently use such a platform? If so what platform are you using? What is your experience of using such a platform? Benefits? Costs?

Having the ability to automatically assign a tweet/ facebook message etc to the appropriate person in the appropriate service area, with a record of that, would be fast, efficient and would help to deliver great customer service.

We also need to do more to support the use of social media and promote digital engagement to ensure there is consistency in our approach as an organisation. We want all DCC social media accounts holders and managers to be connected through appropriate online and offline groups as sharing and learning from each other will help develop good practice and new creative approaches.

One of the ways we have done this in the past is through the Social Media Forum. Could we revive this and work on creating a schedule for forum dates around certain themes or learning opportunities? Do you have any suggestions?

How can comms better support you to manage your social media account? How can we all support each other better? Are there any online tools you think we could use for collaborative learning and support?

Finally, we need an up to date list of all of the organisation’s social media accounts. I’ve listed all the accounts we are aware of below, but I’m sure there’s some we’ve missed. If you know of any other accounts, please let me know and I’ll add them to the list. Also, we don’t have contacts for all of them, so if you know who manages an account that would be helpful too.

Please get back to me with you thoughts, comments, observations etc and I’ll collate and circulate.

If I have emailed this to the wrong person, apologies and do please forward on to the right person!

Best wishes,

Hannah Wicks
Senior Media & PR Officer
Corporate Communications
Devon County Council

tel: 01392 38 2588

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2 thoughts on “Kicking off a social media audit at DCC

  1. Albert Freeman

    We have recently been doing a social media audit at Bradford Council. I have been meaning to blog about it. I would be happy to have a chat and compare our methods. I would also be happy to share my audit template with you to if you would like to see it.

    1. tom.dixon Post author

      Hi Albert – that would be great – would be good to share notes – I’ll follow up on Twitter! Tom


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