From this to that – Iterating with data dashboards

One of the things about catching up with colleagues is that you get to find out all the interesting stuff they do and are proud of.

Earlier today I caught up with Lucy Knight about the work she has been doing on data dashboards and we were looking at ways in which we can support her iterative development and take her prototypes into the mainstream of the councils internet infrastructure.

Lucy is a leader around Open Data and wrote a very insightful piece for LocalGovDigital about De-geekifying open data, which is well worth a read if you haven’t already.

The conversation we had focused on the latest iteration of her work as part of the Cloche Project, basically an intrapreneur team working on better data presentation; making data make sense. Following a public service accelerator programme, the team brought some ideas and prototypes back to the council to continue work on the right product for the right audience.

There is a fascinating page on the Cloche Project site around the development of the iterations and how they have developed and is a great example of agile development.

An early iteration looked like this:

One of the latest working prototypes looks like this (click on the image to view the working prototype) – One of the great things is that Lucy taught herself how to code the prototype and get it working…she is such an inspiration.


Lucy has already created a new working prototype and we are currently looking at how we can get that hosted on one of our servers and then look at how we can create the dynamic links to the business applications providing the raw data…however getting it hosted is the first step…once that happens we should be able to share it widely.




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