The launch of the Jam Room Sessions (Lunch and learn)

From today we are introducing some informal lunch time learning sessions for staff to help people think differently and do differently.

The Lunch and Learn sessions in the Jam Room will adopt a virtual un-conference approach, which enables you to create the agenda by pitching a topic of your choice, which will then be open for others to vote on, with the most popular becoming a session and programmed in.

They can be presenter led, where an individual has a talk they would like to give on a certain topic to present some ideas or share a new model of technique. Alternatively, they could be discussion based – the proposer would like to see an issue discussed within a group, rather than having insight themselves they would like to share – a clear focus should be on doing rather than talking.

Each session will last about no more than 2 hours and will generally take place over a lunch period. So people are encouraged to bring a sandwich with them.

To kick things off we scheduled in the first three sessions to help people get used to the idea and to the platform we are using, which is trello, see below for a screen grab of the site.

jam room sessions

The trello board has a “Start here” section which explains how the things works, how you pitch a session and vote etc.  It is a bit of a prototype but we hope that it takes off, the cost has been zero and the only investment has been my time setting up the trello board and inviting the first session leads to a hour slot.

Time will tell with how they all take off, but we have already had some fantastic feedback from people which is encouraging.



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