The last few weeks and then some

We seem to have lost our team mojo when it comes to blogging recently but that doesn’t mean we aren’t short of posts to write and in fact we have a number in draft and in shared google docs in the team.

Social Media

Russ and Carl have been running social media surgery sessions. Staff have been invited to learn a bit more about Twitter, Facebook or blogging with the aim of using these networks to improve their services.  This has led to a rapid influx of new staff on twitter.

We also have had a surge of activity in the councils yammer network due to Create / Innovate month and this has supported live yammering of some of the Corporate Leadership Team meetings, with one meeting being held over in the Met Office.

Russell is working with colleagues who work with Care Leavers to create some communication and engagement methods using facebook – this builds on the learning from working with Children Centres and the Youth Service – Russ will be posting about this soon.

Web and Digital Design and Development

The majority of the time has and was spent focusing on setting up the elections section of our democracy website. We did however experience some issues with downtime which we blogged about and have since resolved.

Since the election itself we’ve been busy updating our Councillor information and making sure all the content is up to date and accurately reflects the changes to the Council, for example to its Constutition and Committees.

Content Design and Publishing

There are a number of ongoing projects all vying for attention at the moment! We’re working on the building of new Fostering and Adoption websites and these are our current priorities. Hard on their heals are the new Social care and Health site and Adult and Community Learning which are both starting to take shape.

We’re also in the process of planning for new Cycling, Registration and Your Council sites. Your Council will be a project aimed at overhauling the content which currently sits in our Council & Democracy section. We’ve already done a lot of the hard work by creating Democracy in Devon but there’s plenty more stuff to be reviewed, moved or deleted!

From a staff point of view we’ve a couple of sites we’re working on around staff benefits and staff suggestions.

Obviously we have to keep all the existing web content ticking over as well as the new projects so there’s been plenty of general publishing to our main public and staff sites.

General Stuff

Carl has busy working with colleagues on designing and planning a month long series of activities and sessions to support and promote creativity and innovation – you can read more about it on here Create / Innovate – It was also highlighted in the Guardian. Lots of activities and events taking place but you can read all about that on the Create / Innovate site.

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