School Communications an explanation

Part of my role in the team is to manage the schools communications, Carl asked me to write a post explaining what it is and essentially explain what I do when I’m not doing what the rest of the team are doing!!

Schools electronic communication to Devon local authority schools is a service offered by the council to communicate information to schools from services within the council and also if approved outside organisations and companies (although a charge is applied for this service), however we do not and can not make recommendations.

All information communicated directly to schools which have converted to academy status has to be approved by the Head of Education and Learning (Sue Clarke).

The practical side of the job is simple – we distribute to schools electronically  by sending out a weekly email summary to Local Authority Schools, the email essentially signposts schools to our Just For Schools webpages. (these pages will be reviewed shortly)

One of the challenges and aims of the service I provide is to reduce email overload to schools so the co-ordination and process I use helps to minimise this – If urgent information requires sending then this gets done separately. The emails I send only go out during term time to ensure school staff who receive them are able to read them. We found sending emails out of term time meant that the messages we sent were often lost amongst the many emails schools receive on a daily basis.

The webpages were originally created so that it was easier for specific school roles to access the information they required – Head Teachers, Governors, Administrators etc. All the documents I receive are converted to reduce the file size and I create a specific URL for the link as well

We are looking to redesign and improve the webpages and also improve the turn around of school communication requests by amending the current forms.

We are also looking at ways in which I can make creating links more efficient so we are not waiting for the link to become active as our current CMS has a replication delay…We are exploring wordpress as well as google docs, more on this as we learn..

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