The Last Few Weeks

A screenshot of the Democracy in Devon homepage

In our last team blog I talked about how we were busy working on our 3 ‘centre’ projects. Deadlines were looming and all the team were contributing in some way to getting the new sites up and running. Well, I’m pleased to say that since then we have successfully launched 2 of the 3 new sites with the third also in a well advanced state. Democracy in Devon was the big one. There was no fanfare for the launch of this site, we just wanted to make sure that the crucial content elements of the site were all in place and the functionality, perhaps most importantly regarding County Councillors, was working. There have been plenty of tweaks required in the couple of weeks since launch but all in all we’re really pleased with it and so far all feedback we’ve received has been positive. With the County Council elections coming up next month we’ll also be working on integrating a results service, in conjunction with colleagues in our Services for Communities team who have great access to data and statistics.

A screenshot of the Hay Your Say website homepage

The other site we have recently launched is Have your Say which is essentially a bringing together of our various consultation and engagement sub-sites.

We’re currently working on final designs and development of the 3rd site which is focused on ‘community’.


Social Media

It has also been a busy period in relation to social media, we’ve started to see a general increase in interest from services and individuals who want to gain a better understanding of how to engage with and use sites like twitter and facebook. We’ve had a couple of heads of Service join twitter recently and they are learning and exploring how it can add value to them personally as well as to their wider services. One in particular @DCCJohnSmith has also asked us to provide some social media surgery sessions to help his colleagues understand the opportunities. These will be happening through April and May, so we’ve been busy planning these aswell.

We’ve also had conversations with colleagues in Youth Service and Children in Care about reviewing their policy and approach to ensure it is still fit for purpose. Russell has been involved in Social Media training for Devon Children Safeguarding Board

Web and Digital Design and Development

  • Sam has started work on Devon Discounts – a discount scheme for businesses to make offers and discounts to DCC staff.
  • Creation of the Education Finance blog to help the education finance folks communicate easier with schools.
  • Construction Framework South West goes live

Content Design and Publishing

  • As mentioned in a previous blog, we’ve been working to improve our information around Street Lighting and the proposals for part-night lighting. We’ve now migrated the first part of the content and put it live
  • Setting up News centre for 2 District Councils (North and Mid Devon)
  • Lots of general publishing on our public site and staff intranet
  • Created a consultation page for a traffic management experiment at Kenton Southtown
  • Schools Communications (this is Lore’s specialist area of work).

 General Stuff

Carl has busy working with colleagues on designing and planning a month long series of activities and sessions to support and promote creativity and innovation – you can read more about it on here Create / Innovate.

Linked to that Carl has also been supporting our CLT+ Leadership Forum with digital innovation and also live yammered (if that is a term) the last event as Lord Bichard attended.

Carl, Sam and Russell have also been involved in procurement exercises, one for a Digital Communications Service (eNewsletters/Alerts) and one which is part of a wider communications framework which helps deliver one part of the content strategy.

Here are some other highlights of the other activities:

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  1. Dave Thackeray

    Could you share the agenda and workings of your forthcoming social media surgeries? Like you I’m having to set up a bunch of these to educate the growing number of our people who want to jump on board the social bandwagon – would be great to share best practices and ideas on this front.


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