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June is now the month of Create / Innovate here in Devon.

What is Create / Innovate I hear you ask, well Create / Innovate aims to raise awareness and practical exposure of innovation and service design in public services. It is also intended to challenge and shift the thinking and culture within the organisation and beyond.

One of the reasons for holding Create / Innovate is to respond to a recent report to our Corporate Leadership Team in relation to Barriers to Digital Innovation. The key findings of that report were that we had a diverse set of reasons why digital innovation specifically was difficult – for most services it was a combination of one or more of the following:

  • Attitude to Risk
  • Cultural issues
  • Policy issues
  • Technical issues
  • Resource issues

We had a series of actions which aim to remove or reduce the barriers over the coming months and this has now framed our work programme, the focus of which will include education, awareness and training as well as the practical encouragement and support of pilots and prototypes across the council.

You can find out more about Create / Innovate and discover what we are up to as it develops.

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