The Last Two Weeks

Version 1 design of a Guide in Democracy in DevonWith deadlines looming a lot of focus is now falling on our 3 ‘centre’ projects which I’ve discussed in many of my previous blog posts. The most prominent of these is ‘Democracy in Devon’. Design work is progressing well and lots of work is now going into building the site with Tim taking the lead in technical development especially in relation to a complete redesign and improved presentation of our County Councillor profile pages and also the way in which users can search for and contact their local Councillor. I’ve included a couple of small images which hopefully give an idea of how the new site may look. These are a version 1 designs and will almost certainly be subject to change.

From a web development point of view I think this is perhaps our biggest challenge so far but if we can get it right (and of course, we will) then I think we’ll have put down a huge marker in terms of what the team is capable of and what we can deliver for the future. Now, I could go into a bit more detail but I’ll leave that to Tim to discuss in a forthcoming blog post of his own. As a tease, I’ll reveal that it’ll contain the following terms: JSON, custom post type, taxonomies, AJAX and bootstrap. And if that hasn’t filled you with fevered anticipation then I really don’t know what will!

A version 1 design of a Councillor profile page

In other news:

  • Work is continuing on the design and development of our other 2 ‘centre’ projects which focus on community and engagement
  • Further work on the developement of a new Adult Social Care site
  • Adult and Community Learning new site¬† development
  • With Compliments – DCC staff compliments page
  • Sam has also begun work on a new version of our current DCC homepage
  • Russ is working with colleagues in Cycling on a redesign of Cycle Devon. As mentioned in my last blog post there is also a lot of work to be doen to review all the cycling content that is currently split across a few different web locations!


Content Design and Publishing

  • Updates to Social Care Factsheets
  • Decommissioning of Safeguarding Adults webpages
  • Lore and I have been primarily concentrating on dealing with the day to day publishing requests right across the public site and staff intranet. Last week Lore did most of the work on creating and publishing updated Social Care information including eligibility assessments and direct payments
  • We’re currently working on a refresh of our School Transport information
  • Back to Social Work consultation webpages.


General Stuff

  • Recycle Devon Thank you Awards 2013 – Sam was on photography duty
  • Russ and Carl are involved in a procurement exercise looking at solutions for DCC’s digital communications/e-newsletter needs
  • Carl has been elected Chair of the Steering Group for LocalGov Digital – more information is available at Carl’s Notepad
  • Carl has begun draft work on a framework for digital in Devon – more on this soon
  • Preparation work around a procurement framework for web design / ¬†development and mobile app development – more information on this shortly
  • Matt has been investigating fusion tables and how they can/will help with the new County Councillor ‘lookup’ information and has also been involved in research and development of a calender, again for use with Democracy in Devon.

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