A redesign of our intranet homepage

Earlier this year at the start of January we launched an updated design for our intranet homepage and also launched an internal staff newscentre.

This project was really the tip of a huge iceberg as we have only redesigned the homepage and top level navigation to make it easier for people to access the content they need.

We will – over a period of time – be working with colleagues from across the council on reviewing/deleting/updating the content and getting a greater level of ownership around content.

However we have yet to make a final decision about what platform(s) we are using for intranet and what we want our intranet to be…this is the topic of much discussion but whilst these are ongoing we wanted to make some short term quick wins.

So here are a couple of screen shots of the intranet homepage and the staff newscentre homepage – both developed using wordpress.

The DCC Intranet Homepage – The Source
The DCC Staff Newscentre

Now that January is over, we’ve looked back at the stats to see what impact the design changes have made and they are really positive but we really need some more time to understand the trends going forward.

We have also received lots of positive feedback internally around the design and how much easier it is to find information…we’ve also had some really good feedback which we used to improve the navigation within the first few days of launching – mainly relating to a few topic areas which were previously not included but have since become more relevant.

The stats

Intranet Homepage January 2013

  • 103,000 page views
  • Average time spent on page = 8 mins 17

When you compare these states to the previous January they make for interesting reading, although we know that a number of people are exploring the new design and using the navigation menus more and they are also looking at the new features and guide…but the difference in numbers is an excellent start and hopefully will be a continuing trend as we move forward.

Intranet Homepage January 2012

  • 56,000 page views
  • Average time spent on page = 1 min 13

We didn’t previously have a staff newscentre so we have no comparison but the stats are certainly interesting

Staff Newscentre January 2013

  • 7,000 page views
  • Average time spent on site = 4 mins

There is much more work to do, but it is reassuring that the work we are doing is improving things for staff and adopting a more flexible and agile way of working has increased our ability to respond to changes.


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