My internal move from Business Support to the Corporate Web and Digital Communications Team

In the last week of November I moved teams in DCC, from the central Business Support Team to the Web and Digital Communications Team – an obvious move! The move was the result of a restructure and my job had changed, although a large part of my role involved web publishing and eCommunications.

I previously supported a number of P.A’s with administrative support and acted as the contact for tasks such as stationery requests, paying invoices, support to the MFD’s (multi-functional devices) and provided cover for post, rail/car hire and hotel bookings, I was also a cardinus administrator (our health and safety system) and the contact for the schools emergency phone numbers during half term.

I also managed the general enquiries mailbox for education and learning as well as doing schools electronic distributions and various updates to the just for schools website. A pretty diverse range of duties i think you’ll agree..At one point last year i even helped out down in central dispatch franking mail to go out on the machines when they were short staffed as well as helping move over the postal schools distribution and help set this up over at Great Moor House (the other main Council office in Exeter).

In my new team (Web and Digital communications) I will be splitting my time – 3 days a week carrying on with my Electronic Communications to Schools and the remaining 2 days supporting the team and in particular helping Patrick out with various content publishing and approving tasks related to the council website.

I was and still am very apprehensive about the move and it is very scary to be moving teams when I have been with my previous team for such a long time. It makes it harder when the new team is already formed due to a previous restructure and has already bonded and formed relationships etc, it makes me feel like an outsider. It is also worth saying that I am the only female within the team, so that has been a bit daunting, but it is also exciting and everyday I am learning new things which will only improve the work that I produce and contribute towards the team. I hope that I can settle in within the team and in time be a good asset with continued training and development.

One thought on “My internal move from Business Support to the Corporate Web and Digital Communications Team

  1. Sam

    Welcome to the team, Lore! We know you’ll be a great fit, having worked with you before in CYPS!


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