The Last Two Weeks

Time flies when you’re having fun! (and working hard, of course). Another busy couple of weeks for the Webteam…development, design, publishing, special guests and more!

Social Media

  • More social media roadshows with DCC Heads of Service
  • Drafting of councillor social media guidance
  • Draft report started on social media barriers
  • Attended a meeting with Legal and Child protection colleagues about possible use of Facebook by social workers – any guidance or existing practice welcome from others
  • Twitter guidance meeting with Devon’s Safeguarding Children Board
  • Children’s Centre social media project update report.

Web and Digital Design and Development

A screenshot of the Journey Devon website

  • Meeting with Exeter City colleagues to talk about their intranet redesign and to explain our approach to the same
  • A few projects getting off the ground, including Adult Learning redesign and Social Care redesign
  • Continued work on the build of new DCC staff news centre (including non standard IE support)
  • Continued work on the build of staff intranet (the source) homepage (including non standard IE support)
  • Set the new version of Journey Devon live
  • Helped out with various blogs theme features, including rss feed link, twitter follow me and beta feedback process.
  • Completed the conversion of our blogging template and transferred both this site and the DCC Scrutiny blog (Beta) into the new theme
  • Completed an internal calendar system for out Internal Communications colleagues.
  • Picked up the redevelopment of Connecting Devon and Somerset after the appointment of a new coordinator. Testing out Eventbrite integration for their events planning. 

grit and plough truck

Content Design and Publishing

  • Had a conversation with IT colleagues about Councillor profile pages as part of the planned new Devon democracy centre
  • Conversations with IT about the source (DCC staff intranet) redesign and wider authentication with further meetings planned
  • Built some new online booking forms for use on the DCC Devon Association of Primary Heads webpages (DAPH)
  • Planning for the new Devon ‘Community Centre’ including concept and designs
  • Staff Newscentre WordPress training and content creation
  • Helped out colleagues in our Highways department with publishing the DCC Winter Service Plan for 2012/13
  • Worked with colleagues in the Education service to publish updated School Admissions webpages (not yet completed)
  • Lots of general publishing work on our public and staff sites including providing assistance and advice where necessary.
  • Planning for new Social Care and Health website and content
  • Discussions around migration of Adult Protection content
  • Updates of Social Care Factsheets
  • Mental Capacity Act content review.


  • Attended the DCC Corporate Leadership Team (CLT+) Leadership Forum to provide support and also took along Dominic Campbell and Dave Briggs
  • Trialled some live yammering from the above CLT+ event
  • Had a meeting with Dave and colleagues about staff suggestion/ideas mgt
    demo from Govdelivery folks
  • Began compiling the response to the audit meeting held a few weeks ago
  • Discussed the transfer of an additional member to our team due to restructuring elsewhere
  • Carried out some iPad video editing training with an Internal Comms colleague
  • Keeping an eye on the Government Digital Strategy as well as other interesting GDS blog posts; Shipping the digital strategy and The UK’s digital landscape
  • Clean-up of Vuelio (our press management system) user accounts and transfers for East Devon.
  • Support for Devon PEN forum.

The Lighter Side


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