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Part of the councils Content Strategy and our work on Open Data is to support and promote greater transparency. The aims of which are to free our data and decouple the layers of our existing web architecture.

To lay the foundation for opening data and content efficiently, effectively and accessibly, we need to work to develop and publish an open data, content, and web API framework.

To support and encourage this work, we would like to start having more proactive conversations with other public sector organisations in the region as well as developers and organisations who would be interested in accessing and reusing our data.

Therefore we are suggesting the creation of a network  – working title “shaped with data” with the following aim.


  • To facilitate conversations and networks to explore and create value from the use of open data within the south west region and wider and how we can be “shaped with data”.


  1. The network would act as a point of reference for the Council and other Public sector bodies in the region on public sector data that should be prioritised for release as Open Data, to the benefit of the region. This data will be sourced primarily from members of the network (to be confirmed)
  1. It will act as intelligent customer on behalf of the public and the private sector for data free at the point of use and for re-use, and act as vibrant advocate for this opportunity in the region
  1. The group will act as a single stakeholder group for the interests of those that use and re-use Open Data, recognising the wide variety of organisations and individuals which this includes. In addition members of the network should seek to build formal relationships to the governments Open Data User Group where possible –

First Steps:

  1. Building on the success of the Open Space South West event ( organise an Open Data gathering in the south west region to bring together the interested stakeholders and providers of open data to improve communications and engagement.
  2. Create a basic web presence to promote, encourage and connect people around the use and re-use of open data in the south west region and how we can be “shaped with data”.

So what next?

  • Please use the comments section to register your interest, pose any questions, suggest alternative models or approaches etc to help us all move forward.


Using data to generate conversations, is one of the key ideas in the 5 stars for open data engagement and this is something that a network can start to address as well as the other ideas listed below.

  1. Be demand driven
  2. Put data in context
  3. Support conversation around data
  4. Build capacity, skills and networks
  5. Collaborate on data as a common resource

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