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We launched our new homepage back in March this year and one of the main features was the community-sourced background imagery. The idea is to inspire Devon photographers, of any level, to share their photos into our Proud of Devon Flickr group and periodically we will select a handful to be considered as our site background.

Our previous backgrounds have been “Land next to the sea” by CedricksPhotography, “Oilseed Field” by SJFreeman (me!) and our current photo is “Instow Sunset” by Nick Woodrow.

The time has now come to update our background photo again and rather than make a decision within the team, we want to get some actual feedback from real users. Below you will find the photos we have selected for consideration. Click on the pictures to see the larger versions to help you make your decision. When you’ve selected your favourite please use the poll below to tell us!

Tapeley Park Tree at Sunset by Nick Woodrow
Tapeley Park Tree at Sunset by Nick Woodrow
47 votes
Evening Flight Over Appledore by Nick Woodrow
Evening Flight Over Appledore by Nick Woodrow
30 votes
Head Kandi by CedricksPhotography
Head Kandi by CedricksPhotography
28 votes
The Pleasure Is All Mine by CedricksPhotography
The Pleasure’s All Mine by CedricksPhotography
72 votes

And the winner is…

The Pleasure’s All Mine by CedricksPhotography with a huge 40% of the vote!

5 thoughts on “Homepage background #4

  1. Sam Freeman

    Thanks for the comment, Pete! Yes, the main reason is due to overall screen space. To be honest, the majority of the background picture on any device other than a widescreen monitor is hidden from view, so we generally pick photos that are fairly neutral for the bits that do show through (on tablets etc).

    We also have a limited selection to pick from in our Proud of Devon Flickr group. The vast majority of photos in the group are landscapes. There is also a minimum size requirement of at least 1700 pixels wide so we can size it up to the largest commonly used screen size. Many of the photos in the group have been limited to around 1024, or those that haven’t aren’t in the proper orientation. For the most part, the landscape-landscape photos tend to be the only ones posted that we can use!

    If you have any photos you think would like to be considered for our website background image please do join our Proud of Devon Flickr group and add them to the group pool. We would love to see some more variety in the group!

  2. Ovidiu

    Great initiative Sam, thank you for that.

    My only comment is around the name of “Proud of Devon” Flickr group… pride is a sin. We can be grateful for everything Devon has to offer and still be humble at the same time; no need to be proud in my opinion, we would be wiser not to fall into this trap.


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