A quiet revolution finding its voice

Almost without even realising it we (Devon County Council) have been on a journey, a journey of transformation, a quiet revolution: thinking, doing and sharing along the way.

Starting in 2012 – 13 with an ambitious look at the Future Landscape for Devon, Devon County Council has continued its pursuit of improving outcomes for the people of Devon through exploring demand, putting communities and citizens at the centre of everything we do, and embracing digital and service design. It is not always easy but the relentless pursuit is important.

Our Journey

We know that we can’t get seduced by the allure of crafting a good story, in place of genuine innovation that leads to measurable change on the ground. We have to focus on delivery and demonstrating results.

We know it’s important to find the right balance between having an idea and implementing it, to experiment and learn about what can work with real people. For some people this can feel awkward, unstructured and uncomfortable but it’s a crucial way of testing and improving initial ideas to make them both more radical and more sustainable.

As we look ahead, we know that more people are embracing change than not, we know that by helping, connecting and mobilising our colleagues, partners and communities we can and will enact and sustain change.

Re:work Devon is our space for learning and sharing. We can share tools, training opportunities, thinking and support and encouragement through individual reflections via blog posts, videos and audio.

Commenting on this blog is open to all and we encourage feedback, however please check our comments house rules as want to create an environment that is safe for all to participate.