Kenwyn and Exebank consultation

Consultation responses for Kenwyn

A 30 day consultation process on the future of residential services at Kenwyn was conducted with interested parties from 6th December 2013 to 3rd January 2014. A formal consultation process has also been conducted with affected staff members and the Trade Unions to inform this report, completing on January 10th 2014.

Community consultation responses:
The community consultation process ran for 28 days, requiring written or emailed responses to ensure a clear audit trail is available.

There were 4 responses received. Of these two accepted the position that the Council finds itself in and that change is required and has been expected regarding Kenwyn for some time. Two responses were comment on the length of 28 day period of consultation rather than the proposal itself. One was commenting on a query raised regarding a covenant on the building that has previously been investigated.

The response from Buckfastleigh Town Council also put forward some proposals for consideration at a later date when determining the future for the building and site.

Staff and Trade Union consultation responses:
There have been 3 written responses from the staff group, one commenting on the communications process only, one raising the lack of spend on maintenance over time and concern at where local demand will be met. The final commenting on the community service provided at Kenwyn through Respite provision, and concern that not all older people wish to remain in their own homes and can feel isolated.

Discussions have taken place with the Trade Unions at JCC meetings so they are fully informed of the proposals and have attended consultation events. Whilst it is not a formal requirement, the recognised Trade Unions have confirmed there is no written response about the proposal.

Outcome on the consultation regarding the future of Devon County Council residential care services at Kenwyn

Following completion of formal consultation with interested parties, staff and Trade Unions and with regard to Equality Impact Assessment, the recommendations listed below have been approved.

  • Formally cease Devon County Council provision of Residential Services at Kenwyn Residential Home in Ashburton.
  • The building is to be retained pending a decision on the future of the building and site to be considered as part of the broader emerging Accommodation Strategy.