Consultation (closed)

What happens next?

Meetings are being held over the coming weeks in all the homes to speak directly to staff, Trade Union representatives, residents, their families and their carers and regular users of respite services where provided.

Key partners and stakeholders will be advised of the consultation and invited to attend events across the county – further information about these dates will be available shortly.

A dedicated mailbox has also been set up for any questions or queries regarding the review. Please email

Decisions are likely during April 2014.

Should this proposal be accepted we are committed to achieving these changes over a period of time therefore minimising disruption for residents, using all of our experience gained over many years of moving people from our homes as their needs change, allowing a smooth transition of residents to new homes.

The future use of the site does not form part of this proposal – subject to the outcome of the consultation this would be determined at a later date.

There will be no changes to the eligibility for social care support and, for those in need of support, the process and threshold for access will remain the same. Everyone who is assessed for residential care and is eligible for public funding will continue to receive support from the County Council in arranging their future care.