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The residential care services consultation is now closed. The results are being analysed and will be added to the website in due course.

Below you will find the general comments left on this page during the consultation.


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  1. Nigel Harry |

    Closing Bodley house rehab centre is a massive mistake as well as short sighted. If an adult maybe your elderly Mother of Father has an operation and for a short period of time needs 24hr care until independent again. Where do they go? Help at home impossible unless you can hire private nurse. I imagine a lot more expensive than it costs at Bodley. Not all hospitals can offer the same personal care and there could be bed shortages. They have good professional staff at Bodley and you are willing to let them go. The only rehab centre in Devon and you are willing to close it.

  2. abigail harry |

    In the consultation to residential services Devon County Council has overlooked the fact that Bodley CCSC is NOT a residential home. It is a rehabilitation unit which enables older people to regain their confidence, mobility and independence. In doing so the staff enable people who use the service to return to their own homes, reducing the need for access to residential services. Bodley is the only unit of this kind. Without this support these people would need longer term care, costing more money. DCC states in the consultation that the aim is to have older people living at home, as they wish . Closing Bodley will only have a detrimental effect on this.

  3. Sarah Thomas |

    As a nursing sister and used to looking after frail and elderly people, I feel that to shut any homes is criminal. These are people’s homes and lives we are talking about just where are they going to live????. Our hospitals are full and at breaking point!!. Theses people fort for our freedom, I think we should fight for them and their homes now!!!.

  4. Bovey Tracey Town Council |

    In response to the consultation on the future of residential care services, Bovey Tracey Town Council at their recent meeting on 17th March 2014 responded to the consultation on the proposed closure of Tracey Vale with the following:

    The consultation document prepared by Devon County Council (DCC) offered little encouragement to suggest that DCC had any wish to keep Tracey Vale open. The Town Council are dismayed by the proposal to close, what is without question, an excellently well managed establishment. The staff are all well trained and extremely caring and attentive. It is not merely a care facility but an outstanding care HOME. The residents all love it there and feel like they are members of one big happy family. To remove them from this settled and secure environment would be very upsetting and traumatic, the potential consequences of which are quite worrying. The Town Council recognises that although the building is ageing, with investment, it could be could be maintained adequately.

    The Town Council appreciates that DCC have financial constraints but the real issue here is the health and well-being of the elderly within our community. To close Tracey Vale, a jewel in the crown of DCC care homes, would be a terrible decision and an absolute disgrace and the feedback the Town Council is getting is that the residents and their families do not want change.

  5. susan baker |

    All i know is that our home<< wardhayes is an exellent home!!!,, we are a family! i am gutted that my family, daughters, sons are under pressure to find another home,, we have 1 relative panicking to re home her sister, even though she moved her to us because she knew we were the BEST!!,, money is the root of all evil,, to cut our services! when i know that higher up the scale will not be affected,, maybe some?

    If i didnt care, i wouldnt be writing this,, im sure deep down you have already made your minds up,, but hopefully god is looking down on us all,,, what more can i say eh?

  6. E.Meakin |

    As a trained nurse and having worked as a carer in a Devon residential home for 17 years on night duty, I feel that the closure of these excellent county residential homes is a great mistake and will be a great loss to the vulnerable elderly. Having had the experience of finding the right accommodation for my slightly confused and stone deaf elderly mother, I feel that I am authorized to make this comment. Due to circumstances in our own home we were unable to accommodate my mother. We first tried private residential care, which proved to be a mistake in her case, as the accommodation was too restricting and unsuitable for the type of care that she needed. As this was a privately owned home, we had no choice but to find other accommodation for my mother when asked to do so. We were very lucky that accommodation in Butterpark became available. Here she was able to move around more freely and remained at Butterpark very happily for 6 years until her death at 92 years old.
    We have been eternally grateful that my mother was able to spend her final years being cared for by professional, patient and kind nursing staff. Many homes like Butterpark are purpose built for the elderly with comfortable, spacious and flexible accommodation.
    I believe that it has been established that the cost to each ratepayer would be an extra £22 a year to maintain the council run homes – surely this is a price worth paying.

  7. Mr Brian Martin |

    As coordinator for the D.A.C.D. (Dignity for the Aged, Compassion for the Dying) I wish to express our reservations concerning the proposed closure of Residential Homes in Devon. These Homes have a generally high reputation as current public reaction is indicating. Common experience of the private sector suggests that centres of exellence are more necessary than ever as benchmarks for the wider private sector. The safe and humane transfer of the vulnerable aged from one home to another is often difficult and frail lives may well be prejudiced.
    We appeal to the Council to regard these Homes as an essential ‘Core’ service, the removal of which may threaten the very lives of at least some of the residents.
    The aged are more loved and better regarded than some politicians appreciate. As electors, we may deplore the inconvenience and protest the necessity of cuts and reductions in Public Services, and yet accept them. When the fate of our own frail elderly is placed in jeopardy, however, the common reaction is of a different order.
    ‘Hard’ decisions should not, and need not be ‘Cruel’ decisions. And if they are they will be long remembered and not easily forgiven.

  8. Sarahleen Strickland |

    It is with sadness and regret that I hear about threatening of closure of Davey Court and specialised centres for the elderly, especially those with dementia. Vulnerable people needs to be cared for near their relatives, and decisions to cut bsck on these services should not just be governed by “money”. In the UK we should be setting an example of how to care for elderly people and the ones who needs it. We should be able to find enough funding to carry on giving this invaluable support where needed.

  9. Crediton Town Council |

    Dear Sirs,

    Crediton Town Council is in favour of Devon County Council using the dementia budget of £11.2m in order to make St Lawrence Residential Care Home, Crediton a Residential Dementia Centre of Excellence.

    Your sincerely,

    Clare Dalley – Town Clerk
    For and On Behalf of Crediton Town Council

  10. Philip Head |

    At a recent meeting at Charlton Lodge in Tiverton, representatives from Devon County Council offered little as encouragement to suggest that the council had any wish to keep this facility open. I believe that it is fair to say that everyone in attendance were of the opinion that the decision to close had already been made.
    I am quite frankly horrified by the proposal to close what is without question an excellently well managed establishment. The staff are all well trained and extremely caring and attentive. It is not merely a care facility but an outstanding care HOME. The residents all love it there and feel like they are members of one big happy family. To remove them from this settled and secure environment would be very upsetting and traumatic, the potential consequences of which are quite worrying.
    I appreciate that the council have financial constraints but the real issue here is the health and well being of the elderly within our community. To close Charlton Lodge, a jewel in the crown of DCC care homes, would be a terrible decision and an absolute disgrace.
    In summary my feedback on the consultation process is to request that you do the right thing and agree on the disposal of your proposal.

  11. LINDA GADD |

    As the Council are so interested in helping communities, may be they should lead by example? Support the most vulnerable in the community, help by looking ahead, so that controversial, sweeping disruptive changes do not need to be made, AND, watch the housekeeping. Also, inviting ‘local communities’ to express their wants and needs has not been listened to in the past, so why now? Long after the horse has bolted!

  12. sheila morris |

    I hear with dismay Davy Court in Exmouth is earmarked for closure or should I say open for consultation I doubt there will be much consultation really the decision has already been made.
    My mother 92 has vascular dementia we have looked after her at our home and now in her home which has been adapted by my husband who is a joiner. In total we have been carers for about 8 years. The service provided at davy court was very necessary for my husband and myself to have some respite without it we could not have coped and would have had to put my mother in a care home. We used the service for several years her last visit being April 2013 My mother now has NHS funded care and is still looked after by us at her home with support of day care in an emi /nursing home and help in the mornings by a care agency. In the early years my mother attended stowford lodge in sidmouth now closed. Secondly marshlands in seaton I hear this is likely to be closed also. She also attended Linden day care based in ottery st mary hospital she became too difficult for them to deal with even though they cater for dementia patients I am seriously worried for future carers the services are deminishing fast CARERS NEED DAYCARE AND REGULAR RESPITE without these two services we could not have coped no-one can care for someone 24 hours a day carers need a break or they will breakdown. I cannot see carers being able to find suitable day care and respite. These services need to be close to where they live or daycare transport will not work. It is not easy to book respite in a private home as they do not like to leave beds for respite so advance booking for any lenght of time is very difficult. Davy court let you book 3 months before which gave you peace of mind.There are going to be less carers in the future because without places like Davy court providing respite and without local daycare carers will not be able to cope so they will be forced to put their loved ones in permanent care homes.

  13. Bev Rouse |

    My mum is a resident at Harewood House. The worry over the uncertainty of the future of their future has had a real impact on the elderly living there.Not knowing where you are going to be living is stressful at any age-i can’t imagine what it feels like when you are elderly.Mum was so happy living there that she was off medication to keep her mood level-with this worry she has had to go back on tablets.It’s heartbreaking for me to see the change in her and be totally helpless to give her any words of comfort.
    There seems to be scant regard of emotional welfare and the impact this is having on their health.
    All the emphasis is on saving money-some things are more important and this is one of them

  14. mr a.g.ashford |

    I forgot to add this to my previous notes on the closures of Whipton Barton House, Exeter. Let me also say the papers said within the last two weeks to get a place in the private sector will cost £860.00 [I have forgotten the exact figure but it was around this. Plus there are nowhere like the vacancies you all suggest] The figure worked out by the County Council for 2014/5 is £921.00 to run Whipton Barton House. the extra costs involved is nowhere near what is being banded around and residents will certainly not get the care in the private sector that they receive in this home.

  15. Marie & Andy Anderson |

    With reference to the proposed closure of Beech House in South Molton. After talking to numerous residents of South Molton this is NOT a popular decision. Many of the residents in South Molton have a connection to this well run residential Care Home and the support to help keep it open has been extremely positive. Whilst collecting signatures for a petition to keep it open we have only come across one household so far that could not support our petition and that was because they run a private Nursing Home within South Molton.

  16. Melanie Read |

    Posting on behalf of Melanie Read who is visually impaired

    Melanie would like to say that she will not take this decision lying down and will fight to keep Davey court open as she has friends there.

  17. Michelle |

    My grandmother is a resident at Butterpark in Ivybridge. This is now her home! She has lost her lovely home, her possessions, her independence, her way of life and all the wonderful memories she had in her own home. Take away her new home, the people who care for her and what will she have?, Change is hard at 92 with an aging mind and body. Turn this into a specialist home for dementia and respect the elderly. Don’t treat them as a nuisance to sociality!!


    With reference to the closure of Beech House in South Molton. Before closing this vital facility in our town could the D.C.C. please show us where the places are for the residents who have to leave? There are at present only 3 spare places in private residential care in the town. It has been suggested that places may be available in Tiverton & Torrington. Both towns are 15 miles from South Molton. A study of the reducing bus services timetables will show that it is almost impossible to make such journeys.
    We appreciate the dilemmas councillors have in making such decisions but surely care of the old in efficient local care homes should be sacrosant.

  19. Elsie Hardy |

    The proposed closure of Oakwell would be a disaster to the local community. The number of people with dementia is growing steadily and resources such as Oakwell are necessary not only for the sufferers but for us carers for some respite. False economy to close this home and would only lead to heavier spending when so many of us have to give up our caring through lack of support when we need it most.

  20. Margaret Cameron |

    Why don’t the council open it doors to the private self funded resident?
    This could turn their homes/business around.
    Private residents tend to pay far higher fees than DCC residents so the private residents fees could pay for any investment needed in the homes.
    DCC homes are purpose built and just need updating.
    Private homes are buildings converted and not all are converted well.
    DCC please consider making your care homes pay and make a profit for the council and the people of DEvon

  21. derek stapleton |

    After Mondays meeting at Beech House it seems the council has already made its mind up to close it, Beech House is a very very good home brilliant staff and the good thing about it is, it’s all on ONE level this means the residents can so easily get around NO steps NO stairs and NO worries if there was a fire they could get out very fast IF they were put in a 2 or3 storey building there is a greater risk of not getting out because as soon as the alarms go off the LIFTS don’t work .My mum who is 93, loves Beech house ,I have moved to South Molton to be nearer to her and now she might be moving further away IF Beech house does close where do they all go? im sure the council can find other things they can save money on BUT DONT THROW OLD PEOPLE UNTO THE STREETS

  22. Luke Squire |

    I have read the outline proposals. I understand there is cost implications with goverment funded care. I feel though that the core issue is being overlooked i.e the patient/ care user. My Grandmother is a resident of Butterpark and I work within the healthcare setting. The big drive currently is patient centred care and If you listen to the users/ residents, they are happy with the care provided and don’t wish to move. At the end of the day I would prefer to spend more to get better quality of care rather than putting the care services out to any willing provider who can scrimp and cut corners. The staff are friendly and the environment although aging is acceptable and with investment could be maintained adequately. Patient centred care and choice is key to healthcare and the feedback I am getting is they don’t want change!

  23. Jackie Bryant |

    My grandmother has been a resident in Charlton Lodge for more than 2 years. She is almost 101 years old and very frail. To move her to another home now would be far too stressful in both mind and body, and would in all probability be a death sentence for her. Charlton lodge is only a 15 minute drive for her son, who visits and cares for her several times a week, and the distress this is causing the entire family is insurmountable. I think that to condemn a lady who has reached this grand age, mainly due to the excellent care and attention from the staff at Charlton Lodge, is disgraceful, especially when it is all down to costs. Please reconsider.

  24. Patsy branch |

    I feel that it is wrong to close oakwell this is there home and the staff are amazing . With there care from the day centre from rest bite and the home it’s self it is a tuff choice to make but we should care for them why take a way from them and put to private ??? Yes it’s money I could see a lot better ways to save but not this way

  25. Gillian Phillips |

    I am extremly upset that elderly people are treated this way and what it all comes down to is “How much money does it cost” How much does it cost to make an elderly person feel safe and secure in a care home? Where they feel loved and cherished by the care workers? You can not count the amount of money, because it is pricelist! That is what the people in DCC do not realise, it should not come down to money


      I am concerned about the possible closure of Butterpark in Ivybridge. This is the only DCC home in all the South Hams area. There is a growing need of a Good dementia unit within this area. Why not develop this “Jewel in the Crown” home to an up to date unit. You have :-
      Excellent Staff
      Good strong leadership
      Proffessional understanding and Knowledge
      Spotlessly clean environment
      Lovely surroundings
      Secure site
      Caring and devoted staff
      DCC also have a Duty of Care to the residents and I have read your Mission statement.

  26. Christine Tonkins |

    Beech House in South Molton is such a great care home my father has been living there for 2 years my mother lives 5 minutes walk away from him and visits daily, his every need is catered for, we as a family now know the staff really well they have become like friends. This will be such a loss to our community. It cannot be the right decision to close or privatize this care home

  27. Mike Dennis |

    I understand both that the County Council has financial difficulties and also that Harewood House may not be up to the standards required for residential accommodation for 2014 and beyond. However, my concern is for the elderly people who both currently need the services provided at Harewood House and those who may have such a need in the future. Can you confirm where within Tavistock the day care services will be provided given that TASS is already overstretched; which homes in the Tavistock area will be able to provide the dementia care and also whether there are sufficient vacant beds in existing care homes in Tavistock to accommodate those receiving respite or full time residential care at Harewood House? I am not opposed to the closure of council-run provision per se but would be appalled if such decisions were being made before individual care plans were made and shared with the individuals and their relatives or if the services were to be provided in either inferior units or out of the immediate vicinity. I hope that you will be able to reassure me on these issues.