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Background information


The residential care service need is changing, with an increase in the number of older people with dementia or mental health needs, and a decline in residential placements for older frail people due to improved community based services.

Delivering this will require reinvestment from old-style services into new ones and changing the existing model of care and support around accommodation in Devon for older people, increasingly carried out in partnership with the NHS, other agencies and the independent sector.

Devon County Council is already investing in Centres of Excellence for people with dementia, and there is approval to seek providers and partners to deliver over 900 extra care housing units across the county.

Devon County Council’s Cabinet has agreed an overarching Accommodation Strategy for Adults which will describe how accommodation based provision will meet the future needs of people who can no longer be supported safely in their own homes. This includes residential care homes, extra care housing and supported living arrangements.

Previous engagement
To help inform the strategy, a review of residential care services including those directly provided by the Council has taken place.

The review included the completion of analysis of demand and supply for alternative accommodation solutions across Devon. The supply aspect was based on nationally available information held by the Care Quality Commission.

The completion of local commissioning analysis on demand and supply of residential accommodation used information shared by our key partners in the NHS, Clinical Commissioning Groups and GP practices as well as Devon County Council’s own historic and current data, providing robust evidence of trends and enabling forecasts of demand to be available at market town level.

The completed analysis was shared at engagement events with key partners, interested parties and carer representatives across the county to help form the proposals which are being consulted on.