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Can we produce an Order of Ceremony?

Posted on by Patrick Jones

You are more than welcome to produce an Order of Ceremony for your special day. A very basic template is shown below. This will give you both some idea of what to expect on the day itself.

(text in bold indicates legal requirements to ensure validity of your marriage)

Welcome Guests to venue and introduction

Grand entrance

Declarations that you are free to marry

Opportunities for readings

Contracting words

Opportunity for any legal objection to your marriage to be stated

Legal definition of marriage

Opportunities for readings

The exchange of ring(s) and vows

Opportunities for readings

Announcement that you are married!

Signing of the register by the married couple, witnesses and registrars. Witnesses can be any guest who has stayed throughout the ceremony and who understands the proceedings. (No photos allowed during the signing, for legal reasons)

Photo opportunity with blank register

Presentation of marriage certificate

Grand exit

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