Landlords – how you can help

To fulfil Devon’s pledge to resettle at least 40 refugee families, more than anything else we need self-contained two or three bedroom homes for refugee families. We are looking for independent accommodation – houses or flats – where families can live independent and productive lives.

Renting your property to be used by a  refugee family has a number of benefits. The rent may not be as high as you could get on the open market, but your council will make all the arrangements so you have peace of mind:

  • The council will manage the property and all dealings with the resettled families.
  • The council may be able to help with one-off expenses to get the property ready.
  • The council will pay rent to the landlord quarterly in advance. The rent will normally be based on the local housing allowance rate for the property.
  • If a property is unoccupied when the landlord leases it to the council, the council will pay up to 8 weeks’ rent until the family arrives.

If you are a landlord who would consider renting a property to accommodate a refugee family – or you know someone who is – please get in touch with us by email and let us know where your property is. We will bring in the local housing team from your city or district council to talk about what we and you would need to do to bring your property into the scheme.

Know someone who might be interested? Download a leaflet for them.

Houses or flats, not rooms

We know that some people would like to offer spare rooms. We are grateful for these offers, but the government requires that we provide self-contained housing where families can lead independent lives.