What extra help or support is available to us from Devon County Council?

Some of the ways we can help you are:

  • putting your group in contact with the local safeguarding leads to advise on your groups safeguarding policy
  • arrange an inspection of a proposed property
  • arrange a police check on a proposed property by your Police Safer Neighbour Team
  • supporting engagement of relevant partners in line with your resettlement plan
  • support your group through the schools admission process
  • provide local authority consent so that your group can operate as a community sponsor in the area
  • after approval of your group by the Home Office, agree that your group can accept a refugee family and arrange a multidisciplinary needs assessment to identify any unusual or complex needs
  • claim and pass on payments from the Home Office related to resettlement
  • endeavour to participate in future monitoring/update meetings with the family, Home Office and your group

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