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Supporting health and social care providers in Devon

Free Leadership Development and Team Leader Education Workshops

Click on the links below to Eventbrite book your place. The team leader and leadership programmes have been reviewed and co-designed with Devon’s adult social care providers. These free workshops are available to all types of adult social care provider in Devon.

The team leader education programme are 5 workshops and these sessions are suited to new team leaders or staff who are soon to take on more responsibility and make that transition into managing others. The Leadership Development Programme consists of 7 workshops and these sessions are ideal for managers and those in positions of authority who would like to focus on their own leadership and management skills.

All sessions will be delivered virtually and you have the option to pick and mix which sessions to attend. All workshops are repeated twice and later on in the year in case you can’t attend cohort 1.

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Team Leader Education Workshops Level 3– Cohort 1 and cohort 2

Developing person-centred practice for positive outcomes

06.10.2021 at 1.30 till 4.30


11.01.2022 at 1.30 till 4.30

We know and understand the importance of person-centred care and practice but what further aspects can we focus on to ensure we deliver this all-important level care?

Within this session we shall be drilling down into exactly what person- centred care means, not only for the clients and their families but also for the providers of that care. We shall be looking into the accessibility of information, the legislative aspects of diversity, equality, inclusion, and human rights within the care practice, as well as the benefits of strengths – based outcomes.

Building a resilient team

20.10.2021 at 1.30 till 4.30


25.01.2022 at 1.30 till 4.30

During these past two years, the pressure COVID-19 has placed on the care sector means it is important to re-focus your team and ensure it is operating well and effectively.

This workshop will identify key aspects and tools which can be used to create a positive working environment; motivation, team contribution, building culture, developing communication and managing change in order to bring harmony and resilience to your team.

Managing people & performance

03.11.2021 at 1.30 till 4.30


08.02.2022 at 1.30 till 4.30

Has it been a struggle to find and keep the right people in the right roles with the right values?

This workshop will help you to understand how to plan and manage your resources, both in term of materials, time and staff, according to legislation to ensure effective and efficient performance. The session will introduce topics such as leaderships styles, motivation and management theories and you will learn how to utilise the tools to problems solve among other useful topics.

Monitoring & improving service delivery

17.11.2021 at 1.30 till 4.30


17.02.2022 at 1.30 till 4.30

Continuous evaluation of performance and developing service improvements is necessary for every care organisation today. Within this session we will be looking at how to critically examine your working practices, planning for improvements and ways to encourage innovation that leads to positive and manageable change.
Managing yourself & your wellbeing

01.12.2021 at 1.30 till 4.30


08.03.2022 at 1.30 till 4.30

In order to manage a team effectively it is important to be able to reflect on your own working practices to ensure you are leading by example. Within this workshop we will be reviewing your own development such as your leadership style, your ability to work under pressure and how you react and respond to change. By understanding your own responses and capabilities, it will enable you to better understand and manage others.

Leadership Development Workshops Level 4/5- Cohort 1 and cohort 2

Building Your Business Strategy

14.10.2021 at 1.30 till 4.30


06.01.2022 at 1.30 till 4.30

This session is an introduction to the subject of leadership and management, and will be ideal for those new to the position or for those that would like a refresher. It will help you to contextualise the value of leadership in adult care settings.

The session will cover key components of business strategy including the value of vision, mission and values, business planning and risk management. We will touch on the importance of innovation and sustainability in your strategy and ways to articulate your plans.

Organisational Quality Assurance

28.10.2021 at 1.30 till 4.30


19.01.2022 at 1.30 till 4.30

The session will grow your understanding of the importance of Quality Assurance Systems for service delivery.

It will look at ways to develop evaluation and improvement cycles and the wider implications of QA in your service. You will learn about the inspection process and ways to plan and implement change.

Digital Business & New Technologies

09.11.2021 at 1.30 till 4.30


02.02.2022 at 1.30 till 4.30

In this session you will learn how technology can be used to underpin service delivery and the ways it can improve communication and productivity throughout the organisation.

You will develop an awareness of the range of assistive technologies available and ways to improve digital accessibility for clients and staff.

Supporting Workers’ Mental Health

23.11.2021 at 1.30 till 4.30


15.02.2022 at 1.30 till 4.30

Gain a greater understanding of mental health issues, and ways to support staff with internal and external strategies.

Learn how to spot signs of mental health issues, ways to address, document and create plans for staff and ideas to promote mental health and wellbeing, no matter the size of organisation.

Performance Management Strategies

07.12.2021 at 1.30 till 4.30


01.03.2022 at 1.30 till 4.30

Develop your understanding of performance management and learn about best practice tools to manage performance throughout your workforce lifecycle. Explore typical areas of staff underperformance and learn how to uncover the key issues. Understand how your own style and behaviour impacts on your staff and develop plans to create solid performance management plans.
Organisational Culture & Change Management

12.01.2022 at 1.30 till 4.30


16.03.2022 at 1.30 till 4.30

Gain awareness of the importance of culture in the organisation and the impact that change has on staff. Learn about models of change that will help you to develop programmes of change to build resilient teams.

Find out how to best support both experienced and inexperienced staff through change and ways to gain highly performing teams.

Sales & Marketing

26.01.2022 at 1.30 till 4.30


30.03.2022 at 1.30 till 4.30

Develop a greater awareness of the importance of sales and marketing to your organisation. Understand your position in the marketplace and build your brand narrative and vision to help your positioning.

Discover ways to utilise the customer perspective to gain strong messaging for your service offering.

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