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Look out for the Red Bag

The RED bag is a National project which started its journey in Sutton (London, UK) in 2015.  The purpose of the red bag is to improve communication between Residential care homes, the ambulance service and general hospitals.

The RED bag will hold documentation provided by the Residential home (on admission) and can be found in a red folder on the reverse side of the bag.  The RED bag will follow the patient on their journey from Emergency department through the ward and discharge (and is to remain with the patient at all times).
This is also the place for the Hospital discharge summary to go on discharge.  This information will include medication details, personal information to include care needs, current TEP status and minimal belongings (from both the home and Hospital) therefore reducing the need to contact the care home for more details at the point of admission thus saving valuable time.

There has been a small pilot in place since April 2019 in 3 Torbay and 3 Newton Abbot care homes and is now going to be distributed across all care homes within Torbay and South Devon with the aim of launching throughout October to go LIVE on 4th November 2019.

PLEASE take note of the RED bag and utilise correctly to save you valuable time.

Relevant documents (Torbay/South only):

Red bag personal information form

Electronic Care Plan information

Red bag medication poster

Red bag confidential cleaning form

Red bag process checklist

Red bag scheme presentation

The Red Bag documents are associated with the work in  South/Torbay. Other areas may be offering other documents linked to their Trust.

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