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Supporting health and social care providers in Devon

Community Moving and Handling Assessment and Plan (COVID-19)

Guidance and Responsibilities

During the current Coronavirus pandemic and in line with current government guidelines, Health & Social Care workers are adapting ways of working to reduce face to face contact, including and improving the use of technology.

A ‘My Handling Assessment and Plan’ is to be completed when increased risk has been highlighted when physical assistance or equipment is required to support a client. The My Handling Assessment and Plan is a live document, if the clients or carers abilities change then a new assessment/solution, or the current assessment and plan needs to be updated, and documented .These assessments should be initiated, followed and amended by all practitioners involved with care delivery, including  non-registered staff.

Health & Social Care directorates across the county are now embracing the use of technology and encouraging the use of corporate approved communication platforms such as Microsoft Teams, and Skype. Other commercial products including WhatsApp and FaceTime can also be considered where necessary, to facilitate the delivery of our services in the current circumstances. Refer to your local guidance on confidentiality and consent procedures.

Information gathering regarding a current situation can be resourced from clients, carer staff, family members or others who have involvement in the clients care delivery without a face to face visit taking place in some situations. Moving and Handling Plans can be created from this information received yet it is important the source is documented clearly. In circumstances where practitioners have found it difficult to identify Moving and Handling risks and requirements through virtual assessment, a face to face appointment may still be required and necessary. Check if other practitioners or teams have involvement to reduce duplication.

It is good practice to ensure that solutions being suggested in the Moving and Handling Plan are agreeable and manageable by everyone involved with the person’s care and that this is documented, to assist with transparency between organisations.

When a client is in a residential/nursing home or in receipt of direct payment and the complexity of the moving and handling presentation are beyond the ability of the staff to solve, a request for a review from Health and Social Care Staff needs to be accessible.

There are a variety of resources available across the county (depending on Directorate) to assist with increasing skill set and supporting formation of Moving and Handling Plans. These include; Devon’s Standard Operative Procedures (SOPs) accessed via Millbrook, public access to manufacturer videos (a list of relevant videos associated with Devon’s community equipment is able to be shared county wide) and A1 Risk Solutions videos and SOPs (currently accessed by the Rapid Care Academy Staff).

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