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Urgent information for providers March 2018

URGENT Information for Providers


Following last week’s severe weather conditions and impact on the wider health and social care system, we are now seeing significant pressure on the Acute Hospital System with most NHS Trust Partners across Devon reporting at their highest level of escalation (OPEL4)

The vast majority of hospitals are reporting their beds are full / nearly full to capacity and are taking difficult decisions to postpone elective surgery and some outpatient clinics to direct clinical resource to ensure safe care is provided to those that need it.

Within the social care system, we can support our health colleagues by responding to requests for placements for individuals who are ‘medically fit for discharge’ from acute and community hospital beds, recognising the need for urgency in providing any bed / home care that you as a provider are able to offer.

Our best efforts to support urgent placements into Nursing Home beds and relieve pressure on Community Rapid Response and Social Care Reablement Services by responding to requests for urgent care and support for individuals requiring care at home upon their discharge from Hospital will help to reduce the strain being felt in the system at this difficult time.

To help us, it would be helpful if you could ensure that your vacant bed information is up to date and communicated to the Care Direct Team in your area. If you are a Living Well at Home Provider, identifying any capacity you have available to your Primary Provider(s) would also be greatly appreciated.

Chris Eiserbeck

Sector Lead
Adult Commissioning & Health
Devon County Council


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