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Unregulated Services Re-commissioning update – September 2016

We have developed some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) in response to questions raised about this tender, they are available to view on the PEN website, using this link. We are working towards a likely timeframe for the actual tender launch in early to mid-December, and there will be a launch event/bidders briefing at that point. As with previous unregulated services commissioning for day services, there will be some entry points over the lifetime of the tender but we would encourage as many applications in the first round as possible, in order to provide a good range of services from which to commission. Meanwhile thank you to all who attended the unregulated market sector local meetings. Some proposed dates and venues for the follow on meetings will be issued shortly along with notes of the meetings. If you have further questions for the FAQ or general queries mailto:socialcarebusinessrelations-mailbox@devon.gov.uk entitling your email ‘Unregulated Services FAQ’.


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