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Thank you to all health and social care and support staff

Dear Colleague,

We wanted to take this opportunity to say a very big thank you to you and to all the health and social care and support staff who work with you for your response to the extreme weather conditions last week.

Cllr. Andrew Leadbetter, Cabinet member for Adult Care and Health has also asked that we pass on his personal message as follows:

“Thank you for all your hard work and dedication.   Despite the circumstances, you showed real commitment to helping others.  You are indeed an excellent advert for the care sector in Devon, and I’m proud of the way that you have continued to deliver care and support.”

We were being regularly updated about the position across the county as we co-ordinated the wider emergency response and we really appreciated the lengths that you all went to, to ensure that people in the greatest need were visited and received the necessary care and support to keep them safe and well.   We know that your whole team worked tirelessly to reach people, even in very hard isolated areas and heard reports of care workers visiting not just in 4X4 vehicles but on tractors, on quad bikes and by foot. Indeed, we know that many people walked for miles through the snow to ensure that everyone who needed a visit got one. We also know that you called upon local volunteers, your families and other community networks to support you.  This was a wonderful example of the people of Devon pulling together and, once again, we wanted to thank you personally and would be grateful if you would pass our thanks on to your teams.

Jennie Stephens                                                         Cllr Andrew Leadbetter

Chief Officer Adult Care and Health                       Cabinet Member Adult Social Care and Health Services


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