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Provider Engagment Network

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PEN Reference Group representatives 2019/2020 – ELECTION

The Provider Engagement Network  (PEN) Reference Group is made up of elected provider representatives.
The group meets once a month to work together on new ideas, reviewing changes in strategies and policies, solving problems and sharing intelligence. For more information please go to  the Terms of Reference.

The PEN representatives are elected for one year.  For a list of current PEN representatives please click here.

This year we have multiple candidates who put themselves forward for the unregulated sector in both Exeter/East and South. The PEN Reference Group welcomes this level of interest and has agreed that, where we have more than one provider interested in a particular role, we will appoint a maximum of two representatives per area, per sector.   An election will therefore be held for these positions, with other positions being appointed uncontested.

We are inviting providers who have an interest in these areas to vote for the candidate they wish to represent them on the PEN Reference Group.

You should vote for just one candidate in each area/sector for which you have an interest.

Below are the candidates. Please click on each name to read description of the candidates’ suitability for this voluntary post. Please note that the candidates are listed alphabetically.

Caroline Aird
Lesley Barker
Ruth Wells

Gary Kent
Pauline Kubas
Sarah Ellis

To cast a vote please follow these two links:
Please vote for PEN rep from Exeter / East unregulated
Please vote for PEN rep from Southern unregulated

The deadline for voting is Wednesday  8th May.

Thank you for taking part in the election.


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