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Supporting health and social care providers in Devon

Infection Control Fund Round 2

You will have seen in the letter from the Minister of State for Care, Helen Whately, that the Infection Control Fund set up in May has been extended until March 2021, with an extra £546 million of funding nationally.

The purpose of the Infection Control Fund is to support adult social care providers to reduce the rate of COVID-19 transmission within and between regulated care settings, in particular by helping to reduce the need for staff movements between sites.

Devon County Council has been allocated £9.14m from the Fund for infection control and is responsible for issuing the payments, following arrangements set out by government
There are revised conditions from the original Infection Control Fund which will be detailed in a Grant Agreement being sent by DCC.

Please note:

  • The fund will be paid in two instalments
    • First payment will be made in Autumn 2020
    • Second payment will be made by January 2021
  • Providers eligible for the fund must return a signed grant agreement and return confirmation of expenditure through monthly reporting; the monthly reporting schedule is a requirement set by the Department of Health and Social Care
  • The grant must be fully spent on infection control measures (as outlined in the conditions) by 31 March 2020
  • State aid rules apply to this funding
  • Payment is contingent on providers completing the Capacity Tracker and/or the CQC homecare survey (as per government guidance) at least twice (two consecutive weeks) and committing to doing so once per week until the 31 March 2021. Please make sure you are updating the CQC homecare survey and the Capacity Tracker, including the weekly updates to the ASC Infection Control questions on the Capacity Tracker.

Should you have any queries please email the following mailbox:


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