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Development of carer households

Devon County Council is looking for providers who are interested in developing their business models to include carer households supporting people from age 16 to be introduced to higher levels of independence, whilst remaining in a safe and protective family environment.

Many people would rather be in a family home than a care environment and a carer household approach enables people to be part of family life within the community. Being supported in a family environment can help people to develop independent living skills. It can also provide temporary respite for their carer so that they can continue to support them at home.

Across Devon, we want to increase the number of carer households so that people with a range of needs can live in or receive short-term respite within family environments. We are looking to develop a range of options that will support people to be as independent as possible and to support their aspirations to have a home of their own.

Developing this type of provision would increase a provider’s ability to meet a broader range of people’s needs and enhance the overall scale of their business and role in Devon. Our analysis shows that a carer households offer is appropriate for many more adults.

To support people with a range of needs, we are looking for carer households who want to support people with a low level of need alongside a more bespoke smaller cohort of carer households who are comfortable with supporting people with more complex needs – and we will work with you to enable them to do this.

If you are interested in discussing how you might develop your business to meet this need, please contact us.

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