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Crisis in Care. Who Cares?

Recent national headlines have reminded us of the large number of people caring for loved ones who in many instances struggle with the demands of this vital yet often unrecognised role.
The 2 part Panorama programme a few weeks ago: Crisis in Care. Who Cares? showed in heart rending detail the difficulties experienced by millions of people, many older people, who themselves live with their own varying levels of health care needs too.
Recent discussions between care homes and Devon County Council leads have begun to explore how a support plan can be developed to offer additional energies and support options for local people. One of the areas we are exploring is how we create a network of care home carer champions – not just for carers with family members of loved ones living in care homes but for the wider population living in local towns, villages and more isolated communities too.

For more detail please contact  Sue Younger-Ross.

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