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Cold Weather Alert – Level 3

Cold Weather Alert – Level 3
26th February 2018

The Met Office have increased the cold weather alert to Level 3. There is a 99% probability of severe cold weather, icy conditions and heavy snow between Friday 23rd February – Thursday 1st March in parts of England. This weather could increase the health risks to vulnerable patients and disrupt the delivery of services.

South West England update – 99% risk of reaching threshold level. Cold at first, and increasingly turning very especially overnight with widespread frosts. Snow showers likely Monday onward. Significant wind chill at times.

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DCC Provider Service / Visiting Staff / Front Line Staff
Communicate alerts to staff and ensure that locally agreed actions take place, especially those to protect vulnerable patients/clients.
Implement local plans for contacting the vulnerable. Consider daily visits/ phone calls for high-risk individuals living on their own who have no regular contacts.
Ensure carers are receiving appropriate advice and support.
Implement plans to deal with surge in demand.
Implement business continuity arrangements.
As appropriate, contact those at risk (visit, phone call) daily.
Ensure staff can help and advise clients
Continue to check client’s room temperature if visiting to ensure that clients are warm. Ensure that they have at least one room which meets recommended room temperatures (which should be at least 18°C to minimise risk to health).
Ensure urgent signposting for those at risk (eg in cold housing) to appropriate services.
Continue to remind clients of the actions they can take to protect themselves from the effects of severe cold.
Consider how forecast weather conditions may impact on your work – and make appropriate arrangements.
Make sure you and your teams are prepared for an influx of weather-related injuries and illnesses.

To provide up-to-date guidance and advice on “Protecting health and reducing harm from cold weather”, the Cold Weather Plan and associated Leaflets are linked below:

Cold weather plan for England

Cold Weather Plan Easy Read

Cold weather plan: action card for frontline health and social care staff in community and care facilities

Cold weather plan: action card for provider organisations

Cold weather plan: action card for commissioners (health and social care) and local authorities

Cold weather plan: action card for individuals

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