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Care Homes Engagement Event – Book now

Book now for the engagement event on 16th November at Fingle Glen.
Please can all booking requests go to adultsc.carehomesproject-mailbox@devon.gov.uk include names of attendees, provider name and contact details.

Deadline for booking a space is Tuesday 14th November.

As you know we have been working on a new contract model for older peoples Care Homes for 2018 onwards. The new contract model reflects the ‘You said, we did’ approach we were determined to adopt from the outset and it is therefore built on your feedback. Following on from the workshops, engagement events and working groups held during the development of this project, this will be the last time we engage with you before we formally consult on this new contract later this year.
We aim to present how we’ve modelled the contract to reflect what we’ve heard and we are keen to get your thoughts on our proposal.

Find the agenda here.

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