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Be aware of bogus CQC inspectors operating in the South of England

Please advise your staff urgently of the CQC’s advice as outlined below:

Genuine CQC inspectors carry ID badges that include:

  • a photograph of the inspector on the front.
  • a copy of the CQC warrant on the reverse.
  • the signature of CQC Chief Executive Ian Trenholm (older ID badges may have the signature of Cynthia Bower or David Behan).

If you’re unsure about the identity of an inspector, please contact the CQC enquiries team on 03000 616161. The team can check the inspector’s details before you allow them onto your premises.

An inspector or inspection team may be accompanied by a Specialist Advisor (SpA). To check the SpA is genuine, ask the:

  • inspector to show you a copy of the SpA’s Warrant Letter, and
  • SpA for photographic ID, for example a passport or driving licence.

If an inspector contacts you by phone or email

If you’re concerned that you’ve been contacted by someone who may not be a genuine inspector:

  • consider whether they are asking you for information we should already have (such as the name of your registered manager).
  • bear in mind that CQC won’t ask you for staff details such as names and qualifications over the phone.

CQC’s full guidance on checking the identity of CQC inspectors can be found here:


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